What food taboos of hyperthyroidism?

We should arrange themselves in everyday life diet, hyperthyroid disease is going to pay more attention to diet-related health knowledge, as much as possible good care measures, which is a necessary foundation for recovery, following on with everyone look hyperthyroidism the patient’s diet misunderstanding.

Patients with hyperthyroidism in the end need to pay attention to what the diet, patients with hyperthyroidism can not eat what? Hyperthyroidism our body have a certain impact, treatment there is a certain degree of difficulty, so patients with hyperthyroidism diet need to pay attention to what in the end?

Taboo 1, patients with hyperthyroidism should not eat cabbage, cabbage is a cyanide-containing organic vegetables, organic cyanide in the body will inhibit the oxidation of iodide, lead to adverse consequences for the synthesis of thyroid hormone disruption, sparking increased thyroid hyperthyroidism symptoms occur. Therefore, patients with hyperthyroidism diet to avoid the intake of cabbage to prevent recurrent disease caused by hyperthyroidism or aggravate other adverse consequences.

Taboo 2, patients with hyperthyroidism diet should not eat potatoes, potato is a kind of sugar attached cyanate cyanide foods, the body after ingestion of thiocyanate salts will form in the body, it is likely to cause thyroid iodine absorption barriers symptoms, and thus lead to hyperthyroidism.

Taboo 3, patients with hyperthyroidism should not eat carrots, radish is a substance containing thiourea food, the body can easily facilitate the formation of substances goiter patients with hyperthyroidism after eating, leading to goiter adverse consequences, induced recurrent hyperthyroidism.

The above explanation is for everyone on the diet of patients with hyperthyroidism common misunderstanding analysis, I believe readers have also looked after in-depth understanding, and only in the case of a good diet control, in order to better rehabilitation, the patient must do this Faced with a positive, can strive for an early resumption of a healthy body.

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Article: What food taboos of hyperthyroidism?


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