What food taboos in patients with diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disease many people make. Diabetes mellitus is very much in the middle-aged and the elderly. It is because after having diabetes mellitus, we should pay attention to many of our daily diets. We all know that diabetes is a very complicated disease. Diabetes diets require a lot of diet Principles, there are many principles of diabetes diet, then how to diet?

Diet principle

Diabetes patients have always been good diabetic patients and their families are more concerned about the topic, a basic principle is that: may rapidly increase blood sugar, and high sugar content or starch, high fat foods are to eat less, they are Easily convert to glucose. What does that diabetic eat? Is it better to promote lower blood sugar?

After the diagnosis of diabetes, generally began to take medicine to lower blood sugar, if it is to eat metformin drugs, because this medicine will affect the absorption of vitamin B12, so eat this drug patients to add some vitamin B12 should be more, the other Because it delays the absorption of glucose in the intestine, the patient who ate this medicine should not just eat carbohydrates (starch fat) but also add some protein. Generally speaking, if you have a meal 5 two, then one is two proteins; eat sulfonylureas, the drug is mainly to stimulate insulin secretion, increased the burden of islet, it is recommended to change drugs.

Note with insulin patients with a few grains of sugar in the body, to prevent hypoglycemia. No matter what the period of diabetes, given the complications of diabetes and diabetes are with the “oxidative stress” are closely related, therefore, eat some anti-oxidation foods should be strong. For example, with vitamin E, vitamin C and other foods are good and harmless. In principle, the stronger the anti-oxidation the better.

Diabetes diet taboo what

Diet principle

(1) a reasonable control of total calories: obese patients should lose weight and reduce heat intake. Thin patients should increase heat intake, increase body weight, make it close to the standard weight.

(2) reduce fat intake: fat intake should be based on the patient’s specific circumstances. High-fat diet can hinder the use of sugar, the metabolism itself will produce ketone bodies, easy to induce and aggravate acidosis.

(3) carbohydrates should not be too strict control: in principle, should be based on the specific circumstances of the patient to limit carbohydrate intake, but not too low.

(4) food should be rich in dietary fiber: dietary fiber can slow the absorption of glucose, improve glucose tolerance test, reduce fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose levels, and can reduce blood lipids, but also can prevent cardiovascular disease, chronic gallbladder Inflammation, cholelithiasis and other complications. The best food fiber from natural foods.

There are a lot of problems with diabetes diet, such as the above-mentioned diet problems are very important, we all know that after a person has diabetes, or pay attention to certain dietary issues, a reasonable diet control, pay attention to what kind of Diet can eat, what kind of diet should pay attention to the condition is good.

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Article: What food taboos in patients with diabetes


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