What food is suitable to eat before bedtime beauty and help you sleep

We all know that it is best not to eat before going to bed anything to bring mien burden to the stomach affects sleep. In actual fact, the amount of the following three types of food to eat, not only beauty but also can help sleep.

Calcium and magnesium foods – to relax the nerves behalf food: milk, walnuts
Study found that calcium and magnesium and use can be a natural relaxant and sedative. Magnesium content of nuts more in clinical practice, walnuts often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, dreams and other symptoms.

Vitamin B foods – Consumer irritability behalf food: whole grains
B vitamins have a synergistic effect with each other, can regulate the metabolism and enhance the function of the nervous system. Whole grains are rich in B vitamins, it has to eliminate irritability, and promote the role of sleep. Oats, barley, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat crackers belong to whole grains.

Tryptophan food – reducing excitability behalf food: millet gruel
Millet grains in all the most abundant tryptophan, add some dinner staple millet should be a good idea to help improve the number of tryptophan into the brain. In addition, South melon seeds, yuba, tofu skin, shrimp, seaweed, black sesame seeds and other vegetables in the tryptophan content is also very high. In addition, tryptophan through carbohydrates, protein diet composition (ie eat carbs, eat protein after eating order) to successfully enter the brain, giving you a good night’s sleep. Therefore, with a snack before bedtime may wish to carbohydrate foods such as honey, whole wheat toast or fruit, “this method is effective for most people, it is both hypnotic effect as sleeping pills, but did not rely on sleeping pills side effects, does not addictive. “Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr. Judith · Wo Teman.

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Article: What food is suitable to eat before bedtime beauty and help you sleep

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