What food is not suitable for storing in the refrigerator ?

1. Banana
If the bananas on the place below 12 ℃ storage, make banana black rot.

2. Fresh lychees
If the environment at 0 ℃ litchi place one day, that will make it black skin, flesh tastes change.

Tropical fruit for fear of hypothermia, is not appropriate in the refrigerator, otherwise the skin sag so that it appears dark brown spots, not only the loss of nutrition, but also perishable. Unripe fruit, even not in the fridge, otherwise difficult to properly mature. The correct way is dark, cool and ventilated place storage.

3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes by freezing, the meat was blister-like, look soft, or that there is spallation phenomena, surface spots, cooking unfamiliar, no flavor, is a serious decay.

4. Cucumber and green pepper
Cucumber, green peppers in the refrigerator go far, there will be freeze “injury” – black, soft, and change the flavor. Cucumber is also chairman of the hair sticky. Because the temperature of a refrigerator is generally about 4 ℃ to 6 ℃, and cucumber suitable storage temperature is 10 ℃ to 12 ℃, green peppers is 7 ℃ to 8 ℃, so should not go far.

5. Chocolate
Chocolate in the fridge out, the surface prone to frost, not only lost its original mellow taste, but also beneficial bacteria. The best storage temperature of chocolate is 5 ℃ -18 ℃. Summer temperature is too high, it can be sealed in plastic bags and then placed in the refrigerator freezer storage. When removing, do not immediately open it slowly warmed to room temperature and serve.

6. Leaf vegetables

Because it is relatively easy to rot after cold storage., It is best not to put next to the refrigerator. Cabbage, celery, onions, carrots and other suitable storage temperature is 0 ℃. Cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes and other suitable storage temperature is between 7.2 ℃ to 10 ℃. Pumpkin suitable for storage above 10 ℃.

7. Ham

If ham in the refrigerator cold storage, which will freeze the water, fat, precipitation, or loose agglomeration ham, meat changes the taste, easy to corruption.

8. Bread

Bread in the baking process, the starch in flour straight chain segment is aging, which is flexible and soft structure of the bread production reasons. With the extension of storage time, bread in amylopectin slowly straight chain of association, leaving the soft bread gradually hardens, and the bread in the fridge, the degree of hardening is more faster.

9. Moon cake

Moon cake is made of flour, oil, refined sugar and nuts and other ingredients, and after baking the cake. Baked goods are not stored in the refrigerator. Although for some varieties of moon cake, it can prolong the shelf life of the refrigerator the time, but still will affect its flavor. This is because the starch in raw materials moon cake after baking, after curing, and become soft, while in low temperature conditions, the aging of the starch in water will precipitate and become an aging, hard to moon cake, taste worse.

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Article: What food is not suitable for storing in the refrigerator ?

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