What exercise can effectively lose weight

Want to achieve weight loss, exercise intensity and exercise time is very important to say that a comprehensive and effective weight loss exercise mainly in the following three categories:

1. Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.

Common methods include brisk walking, jogging, boating, climbing and power bicycles. In general, the heart rate should reach 50% ─60% maximum heart rate, exercise time 30─40 minutes. In the gym, sweating body should be appropriate.

In the case of this intensity, the body can adapt to the appropriate speed, to consume more energy.

2. Strength training.

Mainly the trunk and limbs exercise large muscle groups, can use their own body weight crunches, squats and push-ups, etc. stand. You can also use the appliance, such as dumbbells and other exercise or chest. In order to achieve the purpose of the consumption of fat, muscle strength of the movement to make the load time is 60-80% of the maximum strength of repeated movement 20-30 times, every two or three weeks and then increase the amount of exercise.

3. Ball games.

Ball movement as a supplementary way to exercise the muscles, enhance physical fitness, more importantly, to be able to continue exercise, consumption of energy, play a slimming effect. For every one who want to lose weight through exercise, the most painful is unable to adhere to a single long running and strength training. The ball and other collective projects, changes, fun and more, will be extended exercise time. Common ball badminton, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, basketball, you can also choose ballroom dancing. By every Monday to twice such exercise can enhance self-confidence, to keep the body is not stiff.

Following recommended several effective weight loss exercise:

1, Swimming

Swimming is one of the summer’s most pleasant and effective way to lose weight and calories consumed is also very impressive, oh. Such as swimming dish every 30 minutes to consume calories 470 kcal. Swim for half an hour every day, plus the proper diet control, you can quickly lose body fat accumulation.

2, Playing squash

Playing squash calories consumed large, in a short time you can get a better weight-loss results. Played 30 minutes of squash every day, you can consume more than 450 kcal of heat, can effectively help rid the body of toxins and waste fats.

3, Skipping

Skipping is also a good fat-burning effects of aerobic exercise, skipping 30 minutes can consume 440 kilocalories. To lose one kilogram of fat to consume 7,200 kilocalories to calculate, skipping less than five hours you can lose 1 kg of fat.

4, Water jogging

We all know that running a very good slimming effect, slimming effect jogging in the water better, oh. Because the water resistance is 12 times as much as the air, density and heat transfer properties than air also large, so heat is consumed in the water jogging even more than on land. Jogging in the water 100 meters you can consume 65 kcal of energy.

5, Playing badminton

Playing badminton muscles can not only exercise, but also can improve the body’s flexibility. Badminton playing 30 minutes a day can help you burn 160 kilocalories.

6, Playing volleyball

Playing volleyball on the stovepipe skinny arms and have a good effect, can help to exercise the power consumption of the upper arm and leg fat. Every 30 minutes of playing volleyball, but also can help you burn 160 kilocalories.

7, Table tennis

Do not underestimate the playing table tennis action, it can help you exercise muscles, burn fat effectively, but also improve the individual’s ability to respond. Every 30 minutes you can burn calories 130 kcal.

8, Blowing balloons

Who would blow up balloons, can not everyone knows blower magical slimming effect. Each blow 50 balloons, with the effect of fat consumed by running 10 minutes is the same.

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Article: What exercise can effectively lose weight


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