What diets can cause hair loss

Do you know what diets can cause hair loss?

Do not eat fresh fruits and vegetables: one of the factors leading to hair yellowing is due to acidic toxins in the blood due to physical and mental fatigue, long-term excessive eating pure sugar and fatty foods, so that the body metabolic process produces acid toxin . Liver, meat, onions and other foods acidic substances that can cause blood acid toxin has too much should eat less.

Eating meat too much: When a lot of people now eat will often eat meat, and the meat is always missing some hair on the basic elements, resulting in the patient’s hair loss, so patients should be in the diet, proper eating meat supplement iodine, vegetable protein, iron, vitamins, which may be resistant hair aging, promote cell division, so that hair growth. Can eat fresh Lactuca, cabbage, black sesame.

Inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables and staple: life, many people are eating vegetables and staple food, but eat less, but can also cause hair loss. About the practice shows that less consumption of staple of modern urban man. This gives health brings certain risks. Staple food inadequate intake easily lead to blood deficiency, kidney deficiency.


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Article: What diets can cause hair loss


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