What diet taboos hepatitis B patients

Many people think that hepatitis B patients with poor immunity, need to supplement nutrition, so many kinds of food to eat constantly, in fact, is not the more the better nutrition in patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis B patients pay attention to diet, should eat to eat, should not eat do not eat. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine in patients with diet taboo very seriously, think various food attribute chills and fever ofdifferent thickness, the smell has the special because of sickness, must have a choice. In clinical practice, weoften encounter many such examples, such as some hepatitis patients by eating certain foods or tonic,serum alanine aminotransferase levels but significantly elevated or has not returned to normal; somepatients with liver disease had the condition has stabilized, but due to eating some shrimp, crab and other seafood again after liver disease recurrence; some patients with cirrhosis, because ate some fish and other high protein food, the results were hepatic coma. Because the taboos is undeserved and cause of hepatitis B recurrence or aggravation of the case is not rare.

So what are the taboos of patients with hepatitis B?

1. Avoid easy to cause an allergic reaction in hepatitis B patients: most people like to eat the food delicious,tender meat, very high nutritional value of shrimp, crab and other seafood, but few people with allergies,whenever they eating the seafood volatiles, will immediately appear allergic reaction in different degree,clinical abdominal pain, diarrhea, facial flushing, urticaria, skin itching, severe and even shock and death.Because the liver is an important organ involved in the allergic response, so the liver damage can hardly be avoided. In particular, the original liver disease can make an illness aggravating; liver disease or condition is stable, and may have a relapse again. So B exacerbation, should not eat seafood volatiles.

2. Avoid easy cause hepatitis exacerbations food: each kind of food has physicochemical properties andpharmacological action of biochemical components, different, thus it on the human body metabolism function can produce different effect. For example, patients with acute jaundice hepatitis, such as excessive intake offatty food, will cause abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting and inappetence: recovery in patients with liver disease period, such as eating too much carbohydrate food can cause obesity, fatty liver in patients with liver cirrhosis and severe hepatitis: late, because a large number of eating high protein food caused byhepatic coma; acidosis of patients such as a large number of vinegar to exacerbate; some patients with liver disease, because of taking ginseng, Codonopsis, velvet and other supplements, but lead to elevated alanine aminotransferase or jaundice. Analysis of some scholars, such as ginseng, dangshen tonic can enhance the immune function of cells, stimulate the killing effects of lymphocytes on hepatitis virus, but also make the livercell damage, caused by elevated alanine aminotransferase. Eat less fried, grilled food, especially in patients with liver cirrhosis, these diet easily lead to hepatic coma or hemorrhage of upper digestive tract.

3. Avoid easy to cause liver damage food: now it is clear that the occurrence of liver cancer and hepatitis B and C virus infection, aflatoxin and drinking water pollution and other factors. In peanut and corn powdermildew, contains large amounts of aflatoxin, nitrosamine compounds containing more in sauerkraut andpickles in. Therefore, these food eating too much, it is easy to induce liver cancer, especially those withchronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis B virus chronic carriers should pay special attention to. Nothepatitis patients eat pickled pickles, pickles and so. Avoid eating preserved eggs: because of the need ofthe production process of lead powder, often feed may cause lead poisoning and calcium deficiency, affect the recovery of liver function in patients with liver cirrhosis varicosis; because of different degrees due toportal hypertension, esophageal varices and mainly esophageal varices, gastric varicose vein of lower end,if the diet does not pay attention, it is easy to cause the venous rupture, appear hemorrhage of digestive tract, induced hepatic coma, severe cases lead to death, so that patients with cirrhosis should avoid eatingstiff, spiny or meat with bones, and plants containing cellulose (cellulose food) too much vegetables(vegetables), because these foods are very easy to damage the varicose veins.

The main components of wine alcohol, there is direct damage effects on liver cells, long-term drinking alsocan cause malnutrition, metabolic abnormalities and immune disorders and toxic liver damage, such asalcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

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Article: What diet taboos hepatitis B patients


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