What can make postpartum anti-aging?

1, To ensure adequate intake of calcium
Breast-feeding mothers should ensure sufficient calcium intake to meet the physiological needs of mother and child duo, otherwise, may cause backache, leg pain, may also be due to lack of calcium in the milk the baby’s growth and development; insufficient calcium in their own Under the breast-feeding, breast-feeding mothers can also consume too much calcium the body, resulting in osteoporosis and other issues.

2, Add water is very important
For example the first few days after delivery you often feel thirsty, poor appetite, because you reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, gastrointestinal motility of muscle tension and diminished capacity; excretory function of the skin becomes extremely strong, particularly fond of sweating; also added to the task of nursing the child. So a lot of water in the post-natal supplement is especially important. Juice, milk, soup, etc. are all good choices.

3, Do not forget to add the right amount of salt
Some people say that a month after giving birth, new mothers can not salt, so the meals, the soup can hold a little salt. In fact, it would only be counter-productive, the right amount of salt on the new mother is very beneficial. Because postpartum sweating more, breast secretion strong, the body’s salt loss is easy with the sweat, so supplement with salt will help postpartum physical recovery.

4, Balanced nutrition
From the nutritional point of view, the new mother postpartum 2700-2800 kcal per day about the heat, so the new mother’s diet before pregnancy should be higher than the amount of increase of roughly 30% as well. No matter how busy you are postpartum, have regular meals, and thickness of the grain mix, recipes also need to consider balanced nutrition, to meat and vegetables, variety, try not to picky eaters, not a partial eclipse. To eating a reasonable, balanced, nutrient-rich on it.

5, Eat more foods containing glial
After birth, coupled with the natural aging, loose skin is a natural physiological phenomenon. During lactation, a larger body of nutrients consumed, and some pay no attention to nutritional supplements if the mother, even his face will become very difficult to see. At this time, we should eat more foods containing resin, such as trotters, soup bones, etc., needed to supplement the skin collagen.

6, Acidic foods eat less
Breast-feeding, many people think that to give the child breast-feeding, you need to first nourishing nutrition, so eat a lot of meat and fish. Eating too much acidic foods, it will greatly affect the body’s digestive function, plus add the baby also add a lot of housework, inevitably will be felt uneasy, and easy to get angry. Eat light foods, drink plenty of water and practice the yoga can regulate mood.

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Article: What can make postpartum anti-aging?

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