What are the symptoms of mites allergy? What is the reaction to mite allergy?

What is the reaction to ? The allergy to believes that many patients don’t know much about it and that allergy is an incredible thing. Mites allergy is a more common anaphylaxis. So the patient doesn’t have to worry too much.

What is the reaction to mite allergy?

Mite allergy is usually due to allergies caused by mite hidden in clothing, mat, air conditioner, carpet and so on. Mites are one of the main causes of allergic symptoms.

Mite is a tiny insect that people can’t see by the naked eye. Mites are everywhere in people’s lives.

Mites usually live on mattresses, carpets, pillow pads and cushions in the living room, depending on the skin of the skin. At the same time, the excrement eventually as dust in air, and allergic patients breathe into the respiratory tract, many patients are not allergic to mites, but the excretion of the mite allergy, allergic to mites or general mite excreta were reflected are sneezing and shortness of breath etc..

If the human face is infected with mites, can easily lead to the occurrence of acne, acne, rosacea and other skin problems.

Mite allergy is caused by invisible mites and their bodies, secretions and faeces (commonly referred to as mites allergens). Many people do not know why they are infected because they are invisible. More importantly, the diseases caused by mites allergy are extremely confusing. Common diseases in peace are very similar. Therefore, they often cause misdiagnosis, which makes it impossible to find the cause of the disease accurately. Therefore, mites allergy is still unknown.

However, in recent years, the number of mite allergy is increasing, and the harm is very great. The total number of allergic diseases accounts for nearly 1/3 of the total population. According to Chinese epidemiological survey, allergens of up to 60% to 70% of these allergic diseases are mite. Therefore, it is particularly critical to understand the allergic symptoms of mites, to judge the condition of the disease and to deal with it.

What are the

1. Symptoms of mite allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a common allergic disease. Mite is the main cause of the disease. About 80% of allergic rhinitis is caused by mites. The symptoms of mite allergic rhinitis are very similar to those of colds, mainly sneezing, stuffy nose, itching, runny nose and so on. Many people treat it as a cold, but they always are not cured.

Mites allergic rhinitis are likely to attack whenever and wherever possible, but sleep at night and wake up in the morning, when the quilt is most likely to attack, symptoms are most serious, because the number of bed mites most, you can according to the characteristic of this to judge whether he is allergic to mites.

2. Symptoms of allergic asthma in mites

Allergic asthma is also a very common allergic disease, especially in children, with the highest incidence. As with allergic rhinitis, 80% of the allergic asthma is also caused by mites. The main symptoms of asthma are sudden cough, chest tightness, and asthma, and many people treat it as a common cough, but it is not good for them.

The asthma caused by mites is basically the same as the mite rhinitis in the time of onset, and the most serious disease is when sleeping and getting up.

3. Symptoms of mite allergic dermatitis

It is the typical symptoms of systemic itching, erythema or whealing. Mite allergy dermatitis can seriously interfere with normal rest, because it is most serious when you drilled into bed, so that you can’t sleep at all.

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Article: What are the symptoms of mites allergy? What is the reaction to mite allergy?

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