What are the factors that influence a child IQ?

1. Genetic: General,the high-IQ parents, the children would not have a low IQ. Such genetic factors is also reflected in the , the parents are locals, the average IQ of 102 children; and every province of married parents of children born to 109 IQ; parents are , low-IQ children increased significantly.

2. Breast-feeding: Breast milk contains a variety of promotion of children’s mental development of active substances, especially for the mental development of has an important impact on milk to more than 10 times higher. According to the survey, breast-fed children than children who grew up eating higher IQ at around 3-10.

3. Diet: too much meat or greedy will reduce the intelligence of children. Children do not eat breakfast will be affected mentally, because breakfast intake of protein, sugar, vitamins and are an important element Jiannao.

4.Obesity: body weight is more than 20% of normal children of the children, their vision, hearing, knowledge will be accepted at a lower level. This is because too much fat to enter the brain, it would undermine the development of and .

5.Environment: living in bad environments for children, such as an abandoned child, not mother love and a good education, his IQ will be lower. According to research studies show that such 3-year-old children the average IQ of only 60.5 hours, on the contrary, in a good environment for the 3-year-olds an average of 91 IQ.

6.Drugs: Some drugs may affect children’s intelligence, such as long-term use of can lower IQ, when the drug after a number of years, his IQ will be improved.

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Article: What are the factors that influence a child IQ?

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