What are the causes of uremia?

The kidney is one of the important organ in human body, but also more vulnerable to one of organ damage, we want to do maintenance work in daily life. Uremia is a more serious kidney disease, the need for timely treatment,such ability as soon as possible to restore health. However, many patients have been suffering from uremia, but it is unclear , here to introduce: what is the reason of disease of uremia?

The reasons causing uremia, can be summarized as follows:

1, diabetes can lead to uremia. The body of diabetic patients in insulin secretion is insufficient, so will lead to glucose, lipid metabolism disorder, so in high glucose conditions, glomerular capillary in skin cells will hurt, leading to nephritis reaction occurred in kidney, which involved the renal tubules, renal interstitium, let the glomerularappeared sclerosis, renal tubule renal interstitial fibrosis and the qualitative change, then slowly lost function,ultimately causing uremia.

2, it is also worth noting that other diseases such as renal hypertension, also can cause uremia. Serious dehydration, shock, hemorrhagic peripheral circulatory failure, loss of renal blood flow, renal filtration reductionover rate will be significant and the formation of oliguria or anuria and acute renal trauma, surgery, burns oroperation caused by failure. These are the main reasons of the formation of the factors in uremia.

3, the most important point is the primary nephropathy is caused by the main reason for the occurrence of uremia.Now, because of people’s living environment and the widespread use of antibiotics, the infection caused bynephritis that evolved in uremia are relatively less, but due to chronic nephritis, chronic pyelonephritis and renal arteriolar sclerosis and polycystic kidney disease and Alport syndrome in these primary renal disease cause uremia is very much.

In addition, renal tuberculosis, connective tissue disease, diabetes glomerular sclerosis and congenital polycystic kidney disease also can cause uremia. Department of internal medicine, kidney disease leading to uremia andmost belong to the same category.

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Article: What are the causes of uremia?


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