What are the best foods to eat for women in the summer ?

The best foods to eat for women in the summer. The best food in the summer:

1, Best vegetables – bitter vegetables
Bitter vegetables containing the amino acid, the bitter elements, such as alkaloids, has antibacterial anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and down heat, refreshing, eliminate fatigue and other effects. It must be noted, bitter foods once not eat too much, otherwise easily lead to nausea, vomiting and other symptoms persist. Common “Bitter” taste the food bitter gourd, bitter herbs, kale.

2, Best meat – duck meat
The duck meat is particularly suitable for the body heat of human consumption, such as low-grade fever, weakness, eat less, dry stools and other symptoms. Duck meat and seaweed stew to eat, can soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, can prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease.

3, Best condiment – vinegar
Vinegar is essential in cooking, put vinegar into vegetables in the summer is beneficial. First, the vinegar can sterilization. Summer active multiplication of bacteria, intestinal infectious diseases increase, vinegar can be a strong killing effect of various bacteria. Second, the vinegar can regulate gastrointestinal function. vinegar taste sour, sweet, scented, when you smell the vinegar aroma, tasted the vinegar, the digestive juice secreted naturally, so that you ensure that there is strong appetite.

4, Best beverages – hot tea
Summer can not be separated from the beverages preferred is not a variety of cold drinks products, nor is it beer or coffee, but very hot tea. Tea is rich in potassium (potassium per 100 grams of tea in the average concentration of 10.7 mg of green tea, black tea, 24.1 mg), both thirst and recover from fatigue. A study in the United States pointed out that drinking green tea can also reduce the 1/3 of sunburn caused by the sun, relaxation and rough. According to British expert tests showed, the cooling capacity of the hot tea is much higher than the cold drinks products, but summer heat the best drinks.

5, Best fruits – watermelon
Watermelon is rich in nutrition, containing a variety of nutrients needed by the body. Because it contains 96.6% moisture, to supplement the summer of the human body lost large amounts of water. The summer heat stroke, fever, irritability, thirst, or other acute fever, are preferable to watermelon treated with adjuvant therapy. Watermelon rind is also used to salad, stir-fry to eat.

6, Best porridge – mung bean porridge
The porridge is best to drink green bean soup, green beans and a cool nature, the effectiveness of clearing away heat. Heatstroke of porridge lotus leaf congee, lotus root porridge, raw reed rhizome porridge.

7, The best anti-fatigue food – fruit and vegetable juices
In the summer when the limbs, fatigue, drink some fruit and vegetable juices are a good choice. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be effective for the body to vitamin supplements, and calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, can enhance cell viability and gastrointestinal function, and promote the secretion of digestive juices and eliminate fatigue. Should be noted that the production of fruit and vegetable juices, the best selection of two or three different fruits, vegetables, daily changes with different nutrients can make a balanced absorption. Fruit and vegetable residue not to be missed, accompanied by honey Stir together eat the best.

8, Best sun protection food – tomatoes
Germany and the Netherlands, the two scientists, eat tomatoes sun protection. If the daily consumption of 40 g of tomato paste, 40% reduction in the risk of sunburn. Scientists believe that this might be the lycopene plays a major role.

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Article: What are the best foods to eat for women in the summer ?

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