What are the advantages and disadvantages of pacifier

There are many advantages of using a pacifier —– When the baby cry more than when he stuffed in the baby’s mouth can get to let family sigh of a moment of peace. But the benefits of pacifier brings much more than this.
1. Prevent sudden infant death
Experts suggest that the age of the baby from 0 to 1, whether to take a nap or sleep at night, parents can give the baby with a pacifier. This can well prevent sudden death of the baby. He gave the baby to sleep in front of his mouth, but remember not to come up after the baby was asleep, otherwise you can not play a preventive role.

2 is a good helper for your baby to get a sense of security
Parents can not coax the baby 24 hours a day, so the baby should get a self-comforting self “recreational” tool. This is similar mom can give your baby a pacifier nipple a sense of security, when the baby’s mouth when it naturally would not be crying up.

3. Meet the needs of the baby sucks
The study, baby pacifier sucking longer than the time to eat and drink milk, whether from physical or psychological, this is your baby’s needs, so that he can satisfy the pacifier after. And when you coax the baby to sleep when the baby’s fingers more than pacifier use.

Disadvantages pacifier

1. Increase the risk of ear infections
Pacifier may increase the risk of infectious disease to 40% of children with families that know (acute otitis media), because when the baby suck pacifier, face all the time in sports, then between the middle ear and the throat will produce pressure cause otitis media. The study shows that the less the chance of a child’s pacifier use after six months of otitis media is smaller.

2. Affect breastfeeding
If a parent is too early to give the baby a pacifier, it probably will not tell her mother’s nipples and baby pacifiers. Thus, the baby should drink milk when milk might not. So let your baby use a pacifier is the best time he has a habit of breastfeeding.

3. Produce oral problems
If the baby is too keen to suck a pacifier, their normal tooth structure may be deformed and the speech will be postponed. When a child has a toddler with a pacifier in his mouth, parents should be aware of the seriousness of the problem. Because it goes on, the baby’s mouth will be closed is getting closer, and oral problems attendant also make the home a headache. In addition, with a pacifier be delayed formation of the baby learns to speak the language ability.
4. There are a choking hazard
If you want to give your baby a pacifier to buy it, be sure to see the age pacifier use is appropriate baby. If the baby is too small, he might swallow when eating something can be, so it will increase the risk of choking baby.

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Article: What are the advantages and disadvantages of pacifier


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