What are diet taboos for Patients with hyperthyroidism

We all know that a reasonable diet will not only prevent the occurrence of the disease, can also help in the rehabilitation of the disease, hyperthyroidism is one of them, hyperthyroidism is now more common diseases, great harm to the patient, so not only in time to treatment but also pay more attention to eating habits in their daily lives. Contraindicated in patients with hyperthyroidism diet so what?

Hyperthyroidism bogey iodine supplementation
Hyperthyroidism is not caused by iodine deficiency, so avoid eating fish, seaweed and other foods, because patients with hyperthyroidism eat foods rich in iodine, can lead to thyroid tissue hardening. Iodine-rich foods can make symptoms of course slightly lighter, but more so that the condition of hyperthyroidism protraction.

Avoid eating fatty foods in patients with hyperthyroidism
Although bulimia patients with hyperthyroidism, but poor digestion, nutrient absorption, and therefore, should avoid eating meat, hen, dog, and greasy, fried foods, etc., to prevent flare up phlegm.

Hyperthyroidism avoid eating radish
Radish can occur after ingestion of thiocyanate, which in the human body will soon change as thiocyanate. Thiocyanate for antithyroid substances, can suppress thyroid function, long time can lead to goiter, and should not eat.

Avoid food stimulation in patients with hyperthyroidism
Raw onions, garlic, peppers are a strong irritant foods to avoid eating highly excited patients with hyperthyroidism. Because the vast majority of patients with hyperthyroidism heart rate too fast, so for a variety of alcoholic beverages should be forbidden to drink.

Patients with hyperthyroidism avoid drinking beverages excited
Not drinking cocoa, coffee and other beverages excitability. Patients with hyperthyroidism avoid highly excited, cocoa, coffee makes it difficult to curb the excitement of patients.

Experts advise: Through the above description, hyperthyroidism patients should know that in everyday life, pay attention to what diet, hyperthyroidism is not an incurable disease, the formal authority of the hospital in time to scientific treatment, during treatment to develop good eating habits, do not because of gluttonous exacerbate the condition.

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Article: What are diet taboos for Patients with hyperthyroidism


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