Week rapid weight loss recipes

For some people beginning to lose weight, control appetite is a very sleepy which things, how to control the daily intake of calories? Below is necessary to introduce to you one week to lose weight fast recipes to help you choose the correct diet, rapid weight-loss in normal life.

Methods / steps

1, Kept eating, can lose weight

Frequent meals is excellent way to avoid slow metabolism. If you get something to eat from time to time, your body will slowly adjust, to adapt to your habits, so that the metabolism total can not slow down. Divided into five small meals a day diet, every meal heat control 200-500 calories, so other than to eat three meals a day, every meal well fed better.

2, The oats most weight-loss role

You can not fine the staple food is not it? However, you should think about: refined carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes and rice, can stimulate insulin secretion, thereby reducing the level of the body’s metabolism. You should control starch intake in the diet, and concerned about the force transfer up to fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Buy whole wheat bread, you’d better first look: nutritional ingredients list on the label is not whole wheat, oats or wheat?

3, Want to lose weight eat meat!

If the meal can be some protein intake, metabolism speeds up. But please pay attention, the protein level of control is more appropriate to the level of 20% -35% of the meal total. Because excess protein can cause the spleen overburdened, they cause fat accumulation.

4, Tuna can people to lose weight

We must recognize that an important principle: people who regularly eat fish, “Lai Puting” in the body (a hormone) levels are lower, and the high level of “Lai Puting” slow metabolism and obesity. Therefore, eat 3-4 times each week salmon and tuna fish can significantly increase the metabolic rate.

5, Eat peanut butter a day

Do you think that peanut butter is very easy to gain weight? Fact is this? Fact, particularly rich in magnesium content in the peanut butter, and magnesium is a can be effective to speed up the metabolism of minerals. Every day, the body needs the involvement of 320 mg of magnesium, while eating a wipe with whole wheat peanut butter sandwich (containing 100 mg of magnesium) or 100 g spinach (containing 80 mg of magnesium), magnesium of the day there.

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Article: Week rapid weight loss recipes

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