Vitamin A supplement to the children eat yellow fruit

The chemical name of vitamin A is retinol, which is also the earliest discovered vitamin. There are two types of vitamin A: one is vitamin A alcohol, only exists in animal foods; the other is carotene, vitamin A in the body into a pre-product, from plant and animal foods Ingest. So, what foods contain more abundant vitamin A?

Professor Robert M. Russell, director of the Jean-Mayer Center for Human Aging nutrition at Tufts University, the largest nutrition research center in the world, told reporters in an interview that their center and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention The study found that the yellow carotene contained in fruits, yellow carotene than vegetables, not only more easily absorbed by the body, but also better and more comprehensive conversion to vitamin A, for the human body to use.

According to Professor Russell, their survey shows that the lack of VA in children aged 0-6 in our country is not optimistic. The rate of VA deficiency is 11.7% and the rate of subclinical deficiency is 39.2%, which means that more than half of children have different levels of vitamins A problem of inadequate intake. The lack of this important nutrient not only affects children’s vision and physical development, but also makes them often infected with respiratory diseases.

In the United States, most children are at a normal level except for a small number of Latino children who have a slight lack of vitamin A. One of the important reasons is worth learning from Chinese parents that American parents often encourage their children to eat yellow fruits such as lemon, mango, orange, apricot, papaya, persimmons, pineapples, oranges and so on. The habit of vitamin A and vitamin D in fresh milk.

We all know that vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be well absorbed by the body only in the face of fat. Although the fruit can not stir fry with oil, but most people eat every meal, there will be some vegetable oil, after which if you eat yellow fruit, vitamin A absorption effect will still be good. If you eat fruit in the absence of eating, although this absorption will be less, but it will not be completely absorbed.

Because vitamin A has a very big effect on children’s health, parents must make supplements to their children so as to prevent vitamin A deficiency in children.

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Article: Vitamin A supplement to the children eat yellow fruit


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