Various stages of pregnancy nutrition supplements main points

Each family are looking forward to having a healthy and smart baby, During Pregnancy, the family will give pregnant moms nutrition, eat blindly blindly, will only result in another one maternal weight and the emergence of super-giant baby. So how is it science supplement?

The various stages of pregnancy have different nutritional intake and diet with focus only on the basis of different nutritional needs at every stage of pregnancy, combined with individual differences in mothers, and the development of personalized nutrition programs, in order to ensure the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

First, pre-pregnancy weight must be normal diet assurance standards

Pre-pregnancy nutrition is very important for eugenics. Some people in order to be able to give their baby during pregnancy to provide adequate nutrition and blindly eat, leading to a sharp increase in weight, this is not right, female obesity can lead to difficult to conceive. In contrast, some underweight women, low body fat reserves will affect hormone production, also affect the pregnancy.

In addition, to ensure that the intake of folic acid before pregnancy is very important, folic acid deficiency can cause fetal neural tube defects and other congenital malformations and premature birth. So, in the three months before pregnancy can start using OMG recipe salt to replenish the necessary nutrients folic acid and pregnancy period.

Second, avoid morning sickness in early pregnancy should Shaoshiduocan

1 to 3 months of pregnancy is called the first trimester. In early pregnancy, pregnant women can eat as usual according to personal preference, do not get too excited about pregnancy. Pregnant women must have a pregnancy reaction eating light, with side dishes and stews based, some soy and dairy easy to stimulate the stomach, do not get too much intake. Although salt is the body most likely to absorb the material, but excessive use of high sodium content of salt during pregnancy, lactation easily lead to less, not nutrition, postpartum excessive sodium content in milk, affect renal function and development of new-born babies. Recommend use during pregnancy safer to use ultra-low sodium salt substitute.

Third, the second trimester to control the weight while increasing protein intake

Pregnant 4 to 6 months, is called gestational primetime, along with the mother of a day to adjust and adapt, the unborn fetus also grew up. First, in the second trimester to avoid nutritional imbalance, the second is to avoid pregnancy obese. Compared to the first trimester, food ingredients remain the same, the need to increase protein intake, which should be increased to 250 ml of milk a day – 500 ml, fish eggs can be increased by 50 grams to 100 grams. Need to be reminded that, in the second trimester special control weight gain, second trimester weight gain of 7 to 15 pounds is normal. At this stage, the fetal development of the required number of nutrients, you need a balanced intake.

Fourth, the third trimester of pregnancy to increase iron intake

In the last trimester of pregnancy, for calcium, protein and iron demand increased significantly. To milk a day to more than 500 ml, fish, lean meat also increased 200 grams, eat more iron-rich foods, such as animal liver, blood products and fungus and so on.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, to recheck once a week to the hospital and found the problem to be timely communication with the doctor, while paying attention to diet and activity.

Finally, labor phenomenon occurs when the panic, because the production process with a time of need. Then packed clothes, and immediately went to the hospital with his family.


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Article: Various stages of pregnancy nutrition supplements main points


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