Using yogurt easily exfoliating

Nearly expired yogurt eating is not assured, but also throw a pity. It can be waste utilization, made exfoliating mask. Due to the use of lactic acid in yogurt soften dead skin, there is no friction, no harm to the skin, especially in the dry autumn, but also make the skin moist and smooth.

Specific steps: yogurt can be directly applied to the face or more parts of dead skin such as the elbows, keeping 5-15 minutes after the wash. When necessary, can be used with some massage movements with your fingers gently applied in a circular motion rub parts. If you want to get better results, you can use half a cup of yogurt mix three tablespoons of mashed papaya or pumpkin, you can also add some honey, which soothe the skin, solve the rough problem.

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Article: Using yogurt easily exfoliating


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