Using the ginger make the hair bushy

Ginger is a good , if we continue, we can have a bushy hair, eyebrows is the same!

Materials: only need some amount of fresh ginger

1, Wash the ginger, cut a piece with a knife. Directly to the scalp, smearing and rubbing, repeat several times.

2, You can also wash the head, the hair rub to the semi dried, the ginger into the blender, labeled as mud, coated directly on the scalp, can be wrapped in plastic wrap, and a half hours after the wash.

3, Persist for some time so you can see the obvious results.

Using ginger rubbing should not be too forced, if the scalp is damaged area, try to avoid.
The effect of ginger better than cooked ginger.

Big Bushy Mustache Big Bushy Mustache
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Article: Using the ginger make the hair bushy

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