Using garlic can get rid of wrinkles and anti-acne

Garlic is one of the most common spices, it is called a natural antibiotic, is rich in allicin and other nutrients and antioxidants, with a variety of skin beauty beauty role. “The India times” recentlyintegrated some nostrum folk, published the “3 beauty effect” of garlic, and gives a scientific explanation.

Wrinkle. Some ingredients in garlic, is similar to vitamin E and vitamin C antioxidant, anti-agingproperties, helps protect skin from free radical damage, its anti wrinkle as pricey anti-aging chemicalointment. This recipe has been in the civil widely circulated for a long time: three garlic cloves of crushed, can be coated in the skin wrinkles, painted every day, help the skin to restore youthful vitality.

Acne. Antimicrobial properties of garlic helps to clean the skin, make the skin better. Garlic can be cut in half, and then gently rub the acne, insist on a few days can significantly effect.

Remove the striae gravidarum. Garlic is one of the secret of the few, to remove stretch marks. Willgarlic cloves mash take juice, drip into the hot oil, smear on the striae gravidarum, adhere to twoweeks to be effective.

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Article: Using garlic can get rid of wrinkles and anti-acne

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