Use vitamins C D E to prevent diabetes

Do you know that we can use vitamins to aovid diabetes? Diabetes, which occurs when sugar in your bloodstream is abnormally high, affects millions every year. If left untreated, this disease can affect various areas of the body and can lead to blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and even death. However, scientists have conducted studies over the years showing that prevention is possible by including certain vitamins in your diet or the use of supplements.

1. Filter excess sugar with Vitamin C. This vitamin, like Vitamin E, helps the insulin in your body to filter sugar out of your bloodstream and it also helps insulin to penetrate the individual cells in the body. This process helps in lowering blood sugar.

2. Get some sun. A known vitamin that helps with preventing diabetes is Vitamin D. The best part about it, you can get it free by taking a walk outside every 2 to 3 days. Only 5 to 10 minutes of exposure at a time is enough to give you your recommended amount of Vitamin D. However, if getting your Vitamin D the natural way is not feasible, go for a supplement. Daily dosage need not exceed 800 to 1200 IU per day; amounts over the recommended dosage may potentially cause harm.

3. Eat more grapefruit. Foods such as grapefruit, whole wheat products, apples and tomatoes all have the mineral chromium in them. Chromium is useful in preventing diabetes because it helps insulin work more effectively, thus lowering blood sugar. A number of studies have shown there is a link between having a chromium deficiency and diabetes.

4. Boost your insulin level. Insulin helps to get rid of sugar in the blood. Taking Vitamin E strengthens your insulin to perform this task better. Vitamin E also helps blood platelets not to clump so that the heart does not become overworked. This is important for prevention of diabetes as many people with diabetes are two times as likely to develop heart disease.

5. Drink your milk. Scientists from Harvard University have conducted studies that show that the combination of calcium along with Vitamin D help your chances for preventing diabetes. Regularly drinking and eating foods that have high amounts of calcium in them helps to lower your blood sugar and may aide in reversing the onset of diabetes.

Vitamins C D E to prevent diabetes Tips & Warnings

  •  The above tips are for the purpose of prevention only, and should not be used instead of prescribed medications without your doctor’s consent.

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Article: Use vitamins C D E to prevent diabetes

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