Use olive oil hair care 4 tips

Olive oil skin care, as we all know, but you know that in fact it can be used to keep hair hair care? In the end how to properly use olive oil hair care?

The trick one: olive oil hair wooden comb

We all know that comb the hair can often dredge the vitality, nourish and rugged play hair, ears and brain, scattered wind eyesight, headache prevention role. Then comb the hair dipped in olive oil is more beneficial for the hair. Olive oil is not only sufficient nutrients are absorbed by the hair, as well as promote sleep.

The trick two: add olive oil shampoo

For regular hot dye your hair for people who often have dry hair, split ends, knotted problem, this time in the shampoo when the 1 to 2 drops of olive oil infusion shampoo which can be very good scales repair damaged hair and restore hair soft and shiny.

The trick three: DIY Olive Oil Hair Mask

Usually we send out to buy olive oil film, which contains olive oil ingredients really small, so not much effect. In fact, we usually can DIY your own olive oil hair mask at home, and one egg yolk mixed with the right amount of olive oil, shampoo, hair with a towel to wipe after no dripping, egg yolk, olive oil evenly on the hair, to be about half an hour, the hair rinse.

The trick four: Washed smear

Many people after washing hair dryer rub nothing, in fact, make the hair more edgy. We can hair washed, blow with a hair dryer to semi-dry state, and then a drop of olive oil in the palm of the hand, painted after the opening round, evenly wipe dry in the tail section, and then comb along, and so thoroughly dry hair , will improve the situation of edgy, more supple.

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Article: Use olive oil hair care 4 tips


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