Uptake of folic acid can improve male sperm quality

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, say men who use supplements and -rich foods such as green leafy vegetables are less likely to have sperm abnormalities.

The report, published in the journal HumanReproduction, also states that “aneuploidy” occurs in men who consume more folic acid, significantly fewer or fewer chromosomes than normal people. “The more you eat, the better, with up to 25% of men taking up to 722-1,150 μg of folic acid daily, with aneuploidy in their sperm compared with low-intake men Chances are 20% -30% lower, “Brenda Eskenazi, a researcher, said in a statement. Azoospermia can lead to infertility, or up to one-third of probabilities can lead to miscarriage, or cause newborns to have Down’s syndrome and other rare chromosomal disorders. The team estimates that about 1% -4% of healthy men’s sperm contain aneuploidy, but there are differences between individuals. Eskenazi said the United States currently recommends folic acid intake for adults over the age of 19 as 400 micrograms per day. Men who want to be fathers should also consume more. More intake of folic acid can reduce the proportion of abnormal chromosomal sperm.

The latest research shows that men eat more foods rich in folic acid can reduce the proportion of chromosomal abnormalities in the proportion of sperm.

In a healthy male sperm, 4% of sperm chromosome abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormalities in sperm can lead to infertility, miscarriage, and congenital malformations in infants.

A team from the University of California, Berkeley, analyzed sperm samples from 89 nonsmoking healthy men and learned about their intake of zinc, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E. The researchers found that men who consumed 722 mg to 1150 mg of folic acid daily had significantly lower rates of chromosomal abnormalities than men with low folic acid intake. Folic acid exists in leafy vegetables, fruits and beans and other foods.

But the researchers stressed that they have not yet finalized the direct impact of folic acid on sperm quality, but found that there may be some contact between the two.

Alan Percy, a male fertility expert at Sheffield University in the United Kingdom, said good habits, no smoking, no drinking and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables every day can improve sperm quality. Sperm formation cycle up to 3 months, so eugenics need early action.

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Article: Uptake of folic acid can improve male sperm quality

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