Treatment of diabetes should from which aspects

In the hospital, the is to start, from drugs and surgery so that in life, patients with diabetes ifself treatment, patients should be the first control of blood glucose and blood pressure strictly, when going out, pay attention to take candy, avoid hypoglycemia; second is movement therapy; finally, the patient has to form correctvalue view, avoid induced mental illness.

First, patients with diabetes to control blood sugar and blood pressure strictly. And cause the blood sugar level isbecause insulin secretion and enterprising food how much and closely related, so the diet therapy is the basis forthe treatment of diabetes, regardless of what type of diabetes, diabetes and complications of light or heavy, usingthe drugs for the treatment of what, should strictly adhere to the long-term diet control.

Second, exercise therapy: method of exercise therapy is according to the specific circumstances of its reasonableformulation, so as to enhance the patient’s body resistance, is the effective method for the treatment of diabetes,but also to prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, improve heart and lung function, enhance physical strength, improve mental and so on many aspects of the obvious benefits.

Third, psychological treatment: a lot of diabetic patients for psychological treatment is not very understanding,often ignore this point. However, most of the people think the main treatment of diabetic diet, exercise, medication.In fact, the control of the psychological aspects of treatment on diabetes mellitus patients is very important.Optimistic patients contribute to the internal environmental factors of patients with maintained stable, there areemotionally upset and anxiety, patients will cause some stress hormones in the mood, cause elevated blood sugar,resulting in exacerbations.

Diabetes is extremely painful to the patient, may not pay attention to a little serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease induced, the threat to the health of patients, so patients must be timely to professional regular hospital treatment, to avoid the deterioration of disease, life-threatening.

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Article: Treatment of diabetes should from which aspects


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