Top 3 skin nourishing and skin whitening fruits

Fruit is essential to people’s daily diet is a major nutritional area, but you know what normal life of fruit on the skin whitening benefit it?

1, Lemon:
Lemon is the fruit, can be taken orally may also be external use, the most important thing is achieved ​​easy to buy all the year round, mainly whitening ingredients: Vitamin C.

2, Cherry:
Cherry of the iron content for apple 20 times, 30 times pear, while the iron is an essential component of hemoglobin in the blood! Cherries are rich in carotene, in the body can transform into vitamin A, make the skin soft and delicate, eliminate coarse wrinkles! main whitening ingredient: vitamins A, C.

3, Pomelo
Per 100 grams of pomelo contains about 123 milligrams of vitamin C, known as the vitamin C treasure house. Can remove greasy, of course, there is beauty and beauty effect. Pomelo leather rich in essential oils, boiled to soup, and add into bath water, there are cosmetic results. Main whitening ingredients: Vitamin C.

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Article: Top 3 skin nourishing and skin whitening fruits

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