Tips on how to prevent men hair loss

Men is hair loss high-risk persons, hair loss, high-risk persons should strengthen the hair care through the establishment of good habits, retard hair loss time to ease the symptoms of hair loss.

1, Proper diet
Male hair loss should be kept away from too greasy, sweet, spicy foods, increase the proportion of the diet of cereals, vegetables, fruits, eat black beans, black sesame seeds, eggs and other iron and calcium-rich foods, increase hair tonic food such as milk, lean meat, poultry and fish.

2, Moderate washing hair
Washing hair too frequently or too little is not good, the appropriate time is two to three times a week, shampoo suitable water temperature to 40 degrees; washing hair gently massage the scalp, both cleanses the scalp, but also to promote blood circulation of the scalp; shampoo to use non-irritating. After shampooing, it is best to let the hair dry naturally, if you use a hair dryer, pay attention to the temperature of the wind is not too high, the wind overheating will destroy the hair tissue damage the scalp. Regular hair, both to remove dandruff, increase the luster of the hair, but also massage the scalp and promote blood circulation, enhance blood supply and nutrition to the hair roots.

3, Relaxed state of mind
The younger male hair loss and the pressure is too large, sleep not fully inseparable. Pressure, long-term stress, anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep quality, will increase hair loss. Relaxed state of mind, improve sleep quality help improve hair loss condition.

4, Eat foods rich in protein rich foods and trace elements.
At the same time, eat more vegetables, fruits, and eat less fatty and sugary foods. Banana, seaweed, walnuts and black sesame seeds is the preferred food of reducing hair loss.

5, Do not for a long time Internet access
Excessive playing online games is also one of the factors causing male hair loss younger. The daily average of the longer use of computers male hair loss. Excessive stress and nerves. Playing online games for a long time, the central nervous system is always in a state of tension, cause autonomic disorders, skin vasoconstriction dysfunctional, scalp locally vasoconstriction, reducing blood supply, will cause the hair follicle malnutrition and lead to hair loss.


Iron supplementation. Often the human body hair loss often iron deficiency. Iron-rich foods are beans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes, etc.

Add vegetable protein. Dry hair, hair split, you can eat soy, black sesame, corn and other food.

Supplemental iodine. The hair shiny thyroid, iodine supplementation can enhance the secretion of thyroid function, is conducive to fitness hair. Can eat kelp, seaweed, oysters and other food.

Supplemental vitamin E. Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division, so that hair growth. Eat fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame.

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Article: Tips on how to prevent men hair loss

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