Tips for mental nutritional supplements

Mental activities are generally less muscle, is mainly engaged in mental work. How the brain through food and nutrition to improve the efficiency of labor, which is the mental issues of concern. Scientists found that the weight of the human brain while the body weight of only about 2 percent, but the brain’s energy consumption accounts for the whole body energy consumption by 20%. The human body mainly by the energy consumption of , fat and protein to provide. However, the human in the use of energy and lack of other organs, it mainly depends on blood glucose (blood sugar) oxidation of the supply of energy. The brain is extremely sensitive to glucose, the human brain require a daily basis about 116 ~ 145 grams of sugar, when reduced, the brain also fell, light feel dizziness, fatigue, coma occurs in serious cases. Therefore, a certain degree of blood glucose concentration on the sponsor to complete the function of brain complexity is very important. 

Protein content of the highest in the brain. Brain cells in the metabolic process requires a large amount of protein to supplement the update. Experiments show that ingestion of different on brain activity has a significant influence. Increase the that can enhance the excitement and inhibition of the cerebral cortex, and the combined acid protein can eliminate the brain cells generated in the metabolism of ammonia toxicity, the role of the protection of the brain.

Mental work are advised to choose the food:
(1) carbohydrate-rich foods: such as rice, flour, millet, corn, red dates, longans, honey and so on.
(2) of high quality protein-rich food: such as eggs, dairy, fish, poultry, lean meat and beans category.
(3) fatty acid-rich food: such as vegetable oil, sunflower seeds, , peanuts, walnuts, fish, shrimps and prawns.
(4) PE-rich food: such as the brain, , chicken brain, such as, lecithin-rich foods mainly in the egg yellow, yellow duck, quail egg yolk, soybean and its products.
(5) vitamin A-rich food: such as animal liver, milk, eggs and carrots, scallions, seaweed and fungus in.
(6) vitamin B-rich food: grains, beans, peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, milk, lean pork, organ-type, yeast, eel and so on.
(7) vitamin C-rich food: Fresh, kiwi, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, peppers, tomatoes and so on.

Needed for the human brain lipids mainly cephalin and lecithin (which contains unsaturated fatty acids), Bunao role they have to make people full of energy, work and learning to enhance endurance, and better neurasthenia effect. In addition, the scientists found that people engaged in long-term mental tension, the body lipid metabolism may be obstacles to increased serum cholesterol levels, caused by hyperlipidemia and obesity. Tension can increase neural activity in the body of vitamin C, niacin, B vitamins, vitamin requirements. All in all, the mental characteristics of the nutrition from their work and its impact on the need for nutrients, the brain tissue should be to supplement the activities of energy, the phospholipid composition of brain cells or unsaturated fatty acids, as well as exciting the brain cells involved in the regulation or inhibition of protein, vitamins A and trace elements such as the focus. Less of the side events, in particular mental middle-aged and older, due to less energy intake, should pay special attention to ensure that there is sufficient high quality protein and vitamin intake to reduce the pure sugar, pure fat food intake to increase the vegetables, fruit intake, three meals a day scientific arrangement.

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Article: Tips for mental nutritional supplements

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