Tips for diabetes prevention and treatment

The vast majority of patients, diabetes is a lifelong, and can affect various body organs and organizations, may be preventable and curable of chronic diseases, noted the following points will help to control diabetes and its complications prevention and treatment of .

1. To develop good habits. The law of life, eating restraint, work and rest appropriately.

2. Smoking. And non-smoking diabetic patients compared with smokers with diabetes a major vascular disease such as atherosclerosis, stroke, myocardial infarction, lower limb and foot vasculitis greatly increased risk of necrosis.

3. Temperance. Reception aggravated the situation or cause diabetes, low blood sugar and hypoglycemia-like cover, so that increased levels of blood triglycerides and lactic acid.

4. Controlling fat intake. Patients with diabetes often have hyperlipidemia, high blood lipids to promote the occurrence of macrovascular complications and development.

5. The appropriate training. At least a day early, middle and walk for 30 minutes each evening. Visual conditions also carry out other fitness activities.

6. Learn to relax. Distress when they are in no hurry, no anger, to maintain emotional stability. Oki was furious blood sugar will rise.

7. On a regular basis review. Return visit at least once a month. Usually measured urine sugar often, conditional self-test blood sugar even better. Special circumstances, such as fever, diarrhea, or general malaise, and timely treatment. Regular blood pressure, maintain blood pressure at normal. Hypertension can accelerate the occurrence and development of diabetic complications.

8. At least annually to conduct a comprehensive examination, including visual acuity test to see if fundus, Chuck 24-hour urine albumin and the nervous system of medical examinations.

9. Adhere to suit their scientific treatment. Is not hearsay, not parrot.

10. In addition, it is best to keep in touch with the doctor and have their own regular doctor doctor’s phone number. Do all kinds of records, including diet and drug therapy, blood sugar, urine sugar, and other relevant inspection.

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Article: Tips for diabetes prevention and treatment

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