Three methods of farewell acne

Speaking of skin care and improve, seemingly simple but is actually an acne, rough skin is difficult to solve the problem is very distressed. When ultraviolet light is too strong, sweat slowly out of the skin,acne, rough problem will become extremely sensitive, and may disrupt the skin’s own The new supersedes the old. Some female friends said that despite his often pay attention to skin care, butfailed to get their effect, and the worry for the.

1, Prevention from air conditioning and UV threat

Is about to enter the summer weather, UV irradiation is becoming more and more intense, in order tocool summer, open air conditioning seems to have become behoove things. Despite this, most of thefemale friends will still fall into the dry skin, excessive oil secretion, skin condition is not balanced ehcharacteristics of troubled dry skin, and cause skin The new supersedes the old. disorder status.

If the disorder The new supersedes the old., problems will become very difficult to improve dry skin.In addition to the skin will become more and more rigid, more and more intense darkness without light, for many women friends bring trouble.

2,How to improve the skin The new supersedes the old.? Recommendation three tips for you

Skin care what should pay attention to what? How to relieve dry skin? Then lets us have a look these three tips.

(1) Consume more help to the vitamin metabolism

To solve the problem The new supersedes the old. most care is important from the inside to the outside, wherein multiple uptake contributes to the vitamin metabolism is a good method. For example, in addition to the egg, milk, cheese and butter dairy products, pasta is also rich in vitamin A. In addition, there are conducive to the improvement of skin problems, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin H and vitamin B1, to promote the The new supersedes the old. pantothenic acid and other substances, if the intake of words, to properly take supplements also have certain effect.

(2) The effect of don’t worry

In fact, any things improve is require a certain process, The new supersedes the old. is no exception, each cycle The new supersedes the old. were age and constitution are closely related,probably with the female menstrual cycle (one time about 28 days) the same. Therefore, when thestick to improve The new supersedes the old., a short period of time can not appear effect is very normal, do not worry or anxiety. So take two cycles (56 days) the shortest cycle as a therapeutic effect, in this period as their skin improved efforts!

(3) Hold the skin condition good opportunity, promote the regeneration of new cutin

Here to introduce the secret is simple and effective, with you together to improve the skin The new supersedes the old. problem, create the perfect skin.

The skin resistance to change is weak, excessive oil secretion, old horny to regeneration, when youencounter these problems and promote the cutin updates regeneration can help you to get rid of the puzzle, but a secret which is one of the. However, when your skin is too fragile, promote skinregeneration is difficult. Therefore, to seize the skin condition timely good improvement is a better method. Of course, notably after the completion of keratin in the new skin, will become vulnerable, at this time of sunscreen to avoid UV radiation is very important.

In everyday life, the simple skin care can promote skin The new supersedes the old., so as to achieve the purpose of beauty beauty. So, the beauty of the female friends, do not delay the best opportunity for improvement, as long as the feeling of the skin is a little discomfort, requires immediate care and improve.

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Article: Three methods of farewell acne


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