Three main reasons cause of skin prone to allergies

3 main reasons cause of skin prone to allergies:

Seasonal uniform allergies.

Seasonal transition, the temperature of the environment to bring drastic change in air pollutants or irritate the skin can not fit all of a sudden, poor skin resistance during this period, the more prone to allergies. Skin will be red and swollen, itchy nameless, even the phenomenon of large areas of acne, these are different manifestations of allergy. Replacement of skin care products in the seasonal transition is very necessary, but will have to fall to winter to replace the more powerful moisturizing products.

Sensitized with the wrong skin care products.

Nothing less than the two general conditions: new models added a skincare and cause skin allergies, is to suspend the use of this product; or use of the product did not happen while the skin is allergic to any change, the method is to suspend these products one of the most complex functions (such as anti-aging, whitening or whitening a single product).

Food allergies.

With environmental pollution, diet allergy incidence is increasing. Food allergies and genetic also inseparable relationship, parents’ generation food allergies to our generation, there is still the possibility of a high incidence. Easily lead to food allergies exceedingly kind: seafood, eggs, lamb, pungent spices, fruits and so hot. Food allergy drugs to cure more quickly, which is not coated with skincare wipe smear can recover back.

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Article: Three main reasons cause of skin prone to allergies


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