These fruits have a whitening effect can not be ignored

Some common fruit often has the noticeable whitening effect.

Tomato. Researchers at the University of Manchester in England will be measured by the populationinto two groups, one group eat tomato sauce, a group not edible. Result discovery, eat tomato sauce, the skin anti drying capacity increased by 33% than the other group. Scientists between the two countries more confirmed that, if each person of daily consumption of 40 grams of tomato sauce,sunburn coefficient will decline 40%. The researchers said, the tomato is rich in powerful antioxidantlycopene, can resist the aging of skin, effective against free radical damage the skin, is “the bestsunscreen of food”. Because lycopene, soluble in oil, so the tomato cooked to eat, the higher absorption rate.

Kiwi. Kiwifruit contain acid can inhibit keratinocyte cohesion and melanin, effectively eliminate orlighten dark spots, and to improve the dry or oily skin tissue has a significant effect, often eat can improve coarse pores, whiten the skin.

Orange. Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C, can enhance the skin to sunlight resistance, inhibit pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, make skin more luster. Which contains vitamin B1, B2 can promote skin The new supersedes the old. and blood circulation, make skin white, moist. Moreover,the orange is rich in vitamin C, vitamin P, can enhance the body resistance, strengthen capillary elasticity, reduce cholesterol, can prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis.

Lemon. High alkaline component content of lemon, especially rich in citric acid, good for regulatingthe metabolism of the body, can maintain the normal balance of humoral, promote The new supersedes the old., retard aging phenomenon and have immunity to help. Studies have pointed out that the effective components of lemon, can interfere with melanin synthesis, and can shrink pores,whitening, remove dirt and grease. In addition to food, seasoning, also can use lemon juice facial mask deposited on the face.

Watermelon. A watermelon can Clear fire detoxification, help the excluding of toxin, on the other hand, the more water, help the skin moisturizing, felt more moisture, reduce wrinkles.

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Article: These fruits have a whitening effect can not be ignored


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