The woman each month to eat anti-aging food

In recent years, scientists through research and exploration, the introduction of some food, eat the following foods every day two, can enhance physical fitness, anti-aging.


Rich in nutrition, enhance immunity, reduce weight, a large number of inorganic, vitamins, proteinrich nutrients in mushroom, but are low in calories, eat not fat. And the mushroom contains highplant cellulose, can prevent constipation, reduce blood cholesterol levels. Mushrooms in the vitamin C is much higher than the average fruit, can promote the body’s The new supersedes the old.


Not anemia, strong physique, skin is good, detoxification, protect eyesight, stable emotions, may be far away from iron deficiency anemia.

Folic acid in spinach is very important at the mother, add plenty of folic acid During Pregnancy, can not only avoid the birth of babies with developmental defects, but also can reduce the probability ofnewborn babies suffering from leukemia, congenital heart disease and other diseases.


Cancer, to the Hello appetite, energetic, whitening.

Eat tomatoes that the six taboo

(1) and at the same time not edible cucumber

(2) taking heparin, double coumarin anticoagulant drugs should not eat

(3) when the fasting should not eat

(4) should not be eating unripe tomato

(5) should not be long-term heating after cooking food

(6) doses of neostigmine or galantamine taboo food

Tomato contains a lot of vitamin C, for every 100 grams of tomatoes contain vitamin 20-30 mg C.Vitamin C can enhance the body resistance, prevent scurvy, resistance to infection effect.Cucumber contains abundant vitamin C decomposition enzyme, they will also eat the tomatoes invitamin C destruction.

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Article: The woman each month to eat anti-aging food


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