The ways to treat cough and congestion in the Summer

Do you know how to treat cough and congestion in the SummerThere are certain cold viruses that peak in the spring and summer, although a lot of people have an allergic component to their cough and congestion during that time of year, says Dr. Sarah Peters, MD. This is especially true during wet springs when the pollen load of treas is high. People tend to spend more time outdoors as well during the warm summer months causing them to be exposed to more air pollutants. Breathing in excess air pollutants causes inflammation in the lungs which results in production of phlegm and coughing if your body has trouble clearing them, according to Dennis Ownby, MD, chief of allergy-immunology at the Medical College of Georgia.


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      Wash your clothes often. If allergies are suspected, change your clothes and put them in the wash, then take a shower after spending time outside. This will help eliminate the allergy-causing pollen that has adhered to you while outside, recommends Dr. Sarah Peters, MD.

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      Take an antihistamine. An over the counter antihistamine found at pharmacies, will bring relief from the allergy symptoms and rule out the possibility of a cold virus. Follow the directions on the package for proper dosage.

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      Reduce your exposure to air pollutants. Don’t go outside during the heat of the day, generally afternoon to early evening if possible, and exercise in the morning, advises Edward Postlethwait, PhD of the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He also recommends to not live within 500 feet of a busy highway if you have a choice. The use of HEPA air filters will reduce air pollutants in the home.

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      Rest. If your coughing and congestion are caused by a summer cold virus, resting and getting adequate sleep will help you get back on your feet quicker, says Dr. Neil Schachter, medical director of the respiratory care department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have prolonged coughing and congestion, you should seek medical treatment.

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Article: The ways to treat cough and congestion in the Summer


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