The ways to prevent and remove Dandruff

The scalp is itchy and inconvenient. Dandruff like snow flakes scattered on the hair and shoulders, although not detrimental to the body, but it is unsightly, giving people a sense of indecent and impure. This kind of thing is commonplace in our daily life and it is quite annoying.The ways to prevent and remove Dandruff:

The main factors that form dandruff
1. Excessive oil in dandruff: An important factor that causes dandruff is a parasite of Malassezia. This is a normal parasite on human skin. It is fed on sebum, and excessive proliferation can lead to dandruff. Therefore, people with more oil on the scalp are more prone to dandruff.
Mental stress and anxiety: There are many complex factors involved in the formation of dandruff, these conditions are often related to the excessive pressure and rhythm of today’s social life.

2. Insufficient sleep: Adequate sleep can promote normal metabolism of the skin. To avoid staying up late, it is best to sleep before 11pm.

3. Spicy diet, excessive tobacco and alcohol: spicy diet, excessive tobacco and alcohol will affect the absorption of nutrients, harmful substances will affect the body’s metabolism. Therefore, eat more vegetables, fruits, eat less greasy and high sugar foods.
Dandruff how to do

4. Physical Discomfort: When the body is uncomfortable, it is also prone to dandruff increase, such as gastrointestinal dysfunction, nutritional imbalance, endocrine disorders, etc., often lead to changes in the body’s many hormone levels.
Dandruff how to do

5. Over-Cleaning: Some people think that dandruff appeared because it was not hygienic and it was excessive shampooing. This was wrong. Excessive shampooing can lead to dry hair, which in turn can aggravate dandruff.

6. Shampoo allergies: Some people will find this phenomenon; the use of certain shampoos can cause dandruff and itching, which can be mitigated by switching to other brands. At this time, we must pay attention to the possibility of shampoo allergies. In addition, there are many hairdressing products that can also cause dermatitis in the scalp, such as hair dyes, hair spray mousses and so on.

Debris method

Correctly shampooing slightly dandruff does not require special treatment, and some are just some of the residue from shampoo or shampoo accumulated, pay attention to adjust the diet structure, often keep the head clean, use to have a head Shredding shampoo can play a suppressive role. The dandruff shampoo is different from the general shampoo. The former is a drug-containing cosmetic or medicine, and should not be used more.

If there is a lot of dandruff, use a special shampoo containing humic and cadmium. After three weeks, if you still have a lot of dandruff, you have to see a dermatologist. For instance, Xie Yangsen’s Caile is a drug-based product and is sold in pharmacies. Xi’an’s Dianjing’s and Henan’s King Dewker’s are plant-based anti-dandruff shampoos. The disadvantage is that it hurts the hair, and the hair is particularly dry.

Dandruff how to do

Scalp Massage
In addition to simple daily care and scalp massage, the head skin can be raised in temperature by massage, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, so that the sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair follicles and other ancillary trachea of ​​the scalp can perform normal functions, thus reducing dandruff.
1. The patient takes a sitting position and uses a bilateral or unilateral finger and palm to rotate the massage back and forth from the forehead to the occipital region. The procedure is repeated 30 times until the scalp has a fever.

2. One-handed four fingers (forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger) are bent together at 90 degrees and gently tapped from the hairline to the back for 10 times to make the head feel relaxed.

medical treatement
1. Medications for internal use: B vitamins such as vitamin B6, B2, and vitamin B complexes as well as Schalcon can be used. 2. Topical use: To reduce sebum, remove scales and relieve itching, choose 2% sulfur lotion, shampoo containing selenium sulfide, etc. At present, the use of “take music” (ie, 2% ketoconazole lotion) to local treatment, this drug is an antifungal drug, can inhibit the proliferation of Pityrosporum, can really play a therapeutic role from the cause.
3. If there is multiple head folliculitis, topical compound erythromycin bismuth (erythromycin injection 1.2 g, plus dexamethasone injection 5MG, plus 75% alcohol 7ML, add distilled water 93ML, rubbed 2-3 times a day , efficacy up to 90%).
4. For topical use: Sulphur willow ointment may be used, formula is Salicylic acid 2G, sulfur 5G; or Chloroamphetamine, formula is chloramphenicol 1G, Salicylic acid 3G, Glycerine 5ML, 75% alcohol to 100ML.
5. If necessary, add internal medicines for adjuvant therapy, such as vitamin B6 10MG, 3 times daily, thyroid hormone tablet 0.03~0.06G, 1~2 times a day.
6. Oral administration of 50 to 200 micrograms of selenium daily will also help eliminate excess dandruff.

Dandruff how to do

To dandruff “remedies”
1. To from vinegar: Wash it with vinegar and then wash it with clean water. Stick to the dandruff for several times. Take vinegar 150ML, warm water 1KG, stir well. Use this water to shampoo once a day, to get rid of dandruff and itching, it also helps to prevent hair loss, but also reduce hair split.

2. Onion for dandruff: Wrap a smashed onion head in a clean gauze, rub it over the scalp repeatedly, so that the onion juice penetrates into it. After 24 hours, use warm water to wash your hair. It can also be used as a dandruff.

3. Beer for dandruff: First wet the hair with beer, rinse with water after 15 minutes, and wash with shampoo. Twice a day, 3 days for a course of treatment. After two or three courses of treatment, dandruff will be significantly reduced.

4. Salt borax to dandruff: use salt, borax a little, into the pot, add water, amount, dissolved after shampoo, itchy scalp, reduce dandruff.

5. Xinjieer anti-dandruff solution to dandruff: first wash your hair with warm water, and then take 100ml benzalkonium bromide solution, add equal amount of water to dilute, mix well. When shampooing, immerse all the hair, rub it repeatedly by hand, wrap it in a dry towel, wash it in warm water after half an hour. Generally effective once, if you do not go to the net, after 1 week, wash again with the same law, you can see effective.

6. Dipped in hot rice soup can reduce dandruff: soak the hair in mild rice soup for about 20 minutes, and continue rubbing the top of the head and hair roots, then shampoo the hair. Persistence for a period of time can reduce dandruff.

Dandruff how to do

Diet Tips
Friends with more dandruff should usually take more alkaline foods, such as milk, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, etc., to avoid eating too much acidic foods, fried foods and sweets. Also avoid spicy and spicy foods such as peppers, mustard, raw onions, raw garlic, wine, coffee, and sugar.


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Article: The ways to prevent and remove Dandruff

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