The taro is an alkaline food – eat taro can black hair

Taro nutrients

Taro nutritious, which contain 13% carbohydrates, mainly starch; protein containing about 2%, fat little. Taro also contains potassium, calcium variety of ingredients, B vitamins, carotenoids, saponin and vitamin C, etc., where a higher fluorine content, has a role in protecting the teeth.

Taro contains a natural plant polysaccharide gel, can promote appetite, help digestion, antidiarrheal effect; and also that the function of dietary fiber, can be laxative to prevent constipation; and can improve the body’s resistance to disease, help convalescence.

Chinese medicine believes taro spleen and stomach, fill in the benefits kidney, detoxification laxative, relieves congestion and phlegm and other effects.

Taro can do vegetables, but also the staple food, steamed, stew, soup …… all kinds of ways of cooking are very tasty. But because more starchy taro, once ingested 50-100 grams is appropriate. Avoid raw food, which can irritate the throat mucus.

Taro effect:

1, will help postoperative rehabilitation

Its rich nutritional value, can enhance the body’s immune function, prevention and treatment of cancer can be used as a common Diet staple food. Postoperative radiotherapy in cancer surgery, chemotherapy and its rehabilitation process or the role of adjuvant therapy;

2, will help improve the resistance

Taro contains a mucus protein, after being absorbed by the body to produce immunoglobulins, or antibodies called immunoglobulin, can improve the body’s resistance. Therefore, Chinese medicine, taro detoxification, carbuncles toxic to the human body pain including cancer drugs inhibit digestion effect, be used to control the tumor and the lymph nodes and other diseases;

3, will help beauty beauty, black hair

Taro alkaline food, can accumulate in the body of acidic substances, adjust the acid-base balance of the body, produce beauty, the role of black hair, but also be used to control hyperacidity;

4, will help increase appetite

Taro rich mucus saponin and various trace elements, can help the body to correct micronutrient deficiencies caused by abnormal physiology, and can increase appetite and help digestion.

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Article: The taro is an alkaline food – eat taro can black hair


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