The six spring skincare mysteries, let you into the beautiful Snow White

Spring always make people feel the joy of the newborn, but has just gone through a brutal cold winter, our skin can really relax?Below, I will introduce six mysteries, to let you into the beautiful Snow White.

1, Warm and cold water wash, wash your face first with warm water to clean, and then replaced with cold water, this method can promote blood circulation and metabolism, but must pay attention to the water temperature is not too high, otherwise easily backfire, causing skin aging.

2, On a weekly exfoliating the stratum corneum of the skin, if not regularly exfoliate, will increasingly thick hinder breathing pores will hinder the absorption of ingredients of the skin care products, long-term effect will make your skin lookold and dry. Can not use exfoliating the rough scrub products, or you’ll damage to your skin, causing red blood silk obvious.

3, Thoroughly clean the skin, which is the most important step in skin care, select remover products clean skin, and then use the appropriate cleanser for the nature of their skin to deep clean remover products to be washed away, and makeup residue on the skin surface, butmust pay attention to selecting Cleanser, try not to choose a cleanser with a matte nature, or you’ll damage to your skin.

4, Adhere to massage, wash every day, adhere to the five minutes of massage, make better absorption of skin care products nutrition, but also help skin pulling compact, reducing the formation of wrinkles, every day massage can effectively anti-aging.

5, Neck care, neck is most likely to expose the location of the person’s age, a very small amount of oil secretion in the neck, so very necessary to add grease and moisture, every day replenishment products massage the neck, the neck can be keptsmooth lines make you look young teens.

6, Hand care, hand the second face of the people, so care facial and neck skin, do not forget to hand skin care, rough hands definitely makes you look old, every night before bed. Remember with the replenishment nourishing hand care products massage the hand three minutes, then spread evenly hand hand care products, woke up this morning, you will find the delicate skin of the hands of many.

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Article: The six spring skincare mysteries, let you into the beautiful Snow White

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