The pregnant mother avoid drinking ice water

In the heat of summer, most of the prospective mother to prefer drinking ice water in the refrigerator. Especially after getting up in the morning, a cup of ice water, you can let the whole person of the refreshing. Whether this view science? According to the doctor’s introduction, pregnant women drinking ice water in fact, is an anachronism.

Get up in the morning, the entire gastrointestinal basically been emptied, too cold or too hot water will be the loss of a large number of B vitamins in the skin, can cause skin acne, endocrine disorders. Therefore, the pregnant mother early morning drink plenty of water, you should drink the same water and room temperature best, when it’s cold to drink warm water, in order to minimize damage to the skin.

In addition, due to the pregnant mother physique colder, drinking too much cold water, excessive gastrointestinal stimulation, also may cause the uterus to contract, causing the baby to miscarriage or preterm labor.

Therefore, the pregnant mother should be used to drink warm water.

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Article: The pregnant mother avoid drinking ice water

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