The nutritional value of Honeybee pupae

Honeybee pupae contain a high protein, low fat, many vitamins and trace elements in the ideal nutritious food. Honeybee pupae can be used as food, but also as a nutritional health products. According to historical records: Honeybee pupae containing 20.3% protein, fat 7.5%, 19.5% carbohydrates, trace elements 0.5%, moisture 42.7%. Honeybee pupae of the nutritional value of not less than pollen, especially vitamin A levels much higher than beef, protein second only to fish liver oil, and vitamin D were 10 times more than fish liver oil, known as “heaven ginseng”, is a Natural high nutrition product. Also rich in protein, amino acids, germanium, selenium, vitamins and calcium, while honeybee pupae rich contain dozens of enzymes beneficial on the human body .

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Article: The nutritional value of Honeybee pupae

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