The nutritional value of grapes

1. Grape sugar in the mainly glucose, can be quickly absorbed by the body. Hypoglycemia when the body is, if the time to drink grape juice, can quickly relieve the symptoms;

2. French scientists found that grapes can be better than aspirin in preventing thrombosis, and can reduce serum cholesterol levels, reduce platelet cohesion, on the prevention of cardiovascular disease have a certain effect;

3. Grapes containing a powerful antioxidant of flavonoids, anti-aging, and can clear the free radicals;

4. Grapes contain an anti-cancer trace elements, can prevent healthy cells cancer, prevent cancer cell proliferation. Grape juice can help reduce organ rejection in patients with planting operations, and promote early recovery.

5.Grapes contain natural polymer of phenol, with the virus or bacteria in protein synthesis, so that loss of the ability of infectious diseases, particularly hepatitis virus, polio virus, which are very good role in the killing.

6.Grapes also contain vitamin P, grape seed oil 15 g oral toxicity can reduce gastric acid, 12 g oral choleretic effect can be achieved, and thus treat gastritis, enteritis and vomiting.

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Article: The nutritional value of grapes

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