The nutritional value and role of muskmelon

Muskmelon contains malic acid, glucose, amino acids, sugar beet tomato, rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, infectious fever, thirst, etc., have a good effect. Eat more muskmelon, is conducive to human heart and liver and intestinal system activities to promote endocrine and hematopoietic function.

1,Muskmelon rich in carbohydrates and citric acid, and plenty of water, can be refreshing, heat, thirst-quenching, removal of irritability;

2, Muskmelon contain converting enzyme, can insoluble protein transformed into soluble protein, can help kidney patients to absorb nutrients;

3, Muskmelon pedicle contained cucurbitacin B can protect the liver, alleviate chronic liver injury;

4, The modern study found that muskmelon seeds have driven to kill roundworm, heartworm and other effects;

5, Muskmelon rich in nutritious, can add to the human body needs energy and nutrients.

Taboo eating Muskmelon

1, where the stomach Deficiency, abdominal distension and loose stool dont eat.
2, hematemesis, patients with a history of hemoptysis dont eat. Gastric ulcer and heart disease dont eat. Muskmelon not with snail, crab, cakes and other common to eat.

Winter Muskmelons Winter Muskmelons
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Article: The nutritional value and role of muskmelon

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