The nutritional value and efficacy of taro

The , similar to potatoes, not contain solanine, easy to digest and will not cause poisoning, is a good alkaline food.

1. taro rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, carotene, niacin, vitamin C, B vitamins, saponins glycosides and other ingredients. Contained in minerals, high content of fluorine. Caries with tooth cleaning, protecting the role of the teeth;

2. its rich nutritional value, can enhance the body’s immune function, cancer prevention and control can be used as the staple food of common herbs. In cancer surgery or radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and the rehabilitation process, the role of adjuvant therapy;

3. taro contains a mucus proteins, absorbed by the body to produce immunoglobulin, or antibody immunoglobulin, can increase the body’s resistance. and can be used to control tumor and lymph nodes nuclear and other diseases;

4. taro is an alkaline food, can neutralize of accumulate in the body’s acid to adjust the body’s acid-base balance, resulting in beauty beauty, the role of black hair, can also be used to prevent too much stomach acid disease;

5. taro mucus is rich in saponin and various trace elements can help the body to correct abnormal physiological caused by lack of trace elements, and can increase appetite, help digestion.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of taro

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