The nutritional value and efficacy of persimmon

Persimmon high nutritional value. Per 100 grams of persimmons contains carbohydrate 15 grams or more, sugar 28 grams, 1.36 grams of protein, fat 0.2 g, phosphorus 19 mg, iron 8 mg, 10 mg calcium, vitamin c 16 mg, also contains carotenoids and other nutrients. Persimmon is not only nutritious, but also have high medicinal value. Raw persimmon to heat, detoxification, is the blood pressure stop bleeding medicine , has a good effect on high blood pressure, bleeding hemorrhoids, constipation. In addition, burdock persimmon, persimmon leaves are a valuable medicine.

Persimmon is good, but can not eat more, can not eat when fasting, but avoid to eat acidic foods at the same time. Because the persimmon contains a lot of tannic acid, gum and pectin, tannic acid in the stomach by the role of gastric acid, it will precipitate clots remain in the stomach to form a “stomach stones persimmon.” Also, be careful not to eat unripe persimmon, because immature persimmon tannin content in up to 25%, while the mature persimmon contains only 1%. Do not eat persimmons immediately after the consumption of acidic foods in addition to, but also can not be taken simultaneously with certain drugs.

Persimmons are rich in pectin, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber, a good laxative effect, for correcting constipation and maintain the growth of normal intestinal flora, which are very good role.

Persimmon contains tannin, easy to combine with iron to prevent the body’s absorption of iron in food, so patients with anemia should be eating less for good.

Diabetics should not eat. Persimmon with 10.8% for sugar, and most are simple two-sugar and simple sugars (sucrose, fructose, glucose, is such), so after eating is very easily absorbed, so blood sugar increase. For people with diabetes, especially those in poor glycemic control is harmful.

Chronic gastritis, emptying delay, indigestion and other gastric motility dysfunction who subtotal gastrectomy, should not eat persimmons.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of persimmon

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