The nutritional value and efficacy of litchi

Lychee is rich in sugars, protein, variety of vitamins, fat, citric acid, pectin, and phosphorus, iron, etc., is beneficial to human health fruit. Litchi fruit in sugar content as high as 20%; per 100 ml of fruit juice, vitamin C content up to 70 mg.

1.Supplement energy and puzzle brain. Litchi fruit is rich in glucose, sucrose, total sugar content above 70%, ranking the first in a variety of fruits, with supplement energy and to increase the role of nutrition. Research shows that lychee has the brain tissue the role of nutritional supplements can significantly improve insomnia, forgetfulness, nervous exhaustion embolism.

2.To enhance immune function. Litchi flesh rich in vitamin c and protein, helps to enhance immune function and enhance disease resistance.

3. Swelling and detoxification, bleeding pain. Litchi in addition to well-known tonic effect, but also be used surgical diseases such as cancer, M. scrofulaceum, boils evil swollen, bleeding trauma patients.

4, Lychee is rich in vitamins, can promote tiny blood vessels blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of freckles, making the skin more smooth.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of litchi

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