The nutritional value and efficacy of coconut oil

1, The coconut oil main ingredient is lauric acid, can improve the immune system.
The coconut oil main ingredient is lauric acid(50%), it is also the main ingredient in breast milk fat. Lauric acid increases the body’s immunity against bacterial, viral, and even gastrointestinal parasites, has a strong antibacterial power, suitable for children, the elderly and weak resistance of consumption.

2, Coconut oil can lower cholesterol ratio, does not increase the metabolic load, can prevent heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Coconut oil can help improve insulin sensitivity, the cells easier to reactions and antagonistic fewer, to help prevention of hypertension, and even lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease risk.

3, Coconut oil is saturated fat, lipid stability, and not easy to oxidation of free radicals.
Coconut oil can be used for cosmetic anti-aging, there is a strong antioxidant capacity, can help the body prevent free radical generation. Oral topical can moisturize the skin, adjusting the sebaceous gland secretion, improve dry skin, eliminating wrinkles, acne and dandruff. Allergic skin can enhance the adaptability of the skin, soothe cracked lips, sunshine, frostbite, diaper rash and gingivitis. Alternative cleansing oil, can be used as skin care oils, and topical to protect skin from UV damage.

4, Coconut oil is easily digestible, to facilitate the body to absorb.

5, Coconut oil more viscous, generally no chemical pollution, without any chemical treatment or use of additives can be used directly as the natural state of conditioner, face cream, skin care agents, and lipstick. Because of its molecules are small, easily absorbed through the skin. After wiping the oil rub together can increase the absorption, elimination of scars and wrinkles for good. Wipe feet coconut oil, and applied to the toe joint, can prevent athlete’s foot. In the hair, apply coconut oil on the scalp and then rub at least 15 minutes, you can improve the appearance of the hair and eliminate dandruff. Later the oil can be washed off.

6, Coconut oil is very useful for weight loss. It includes short-and medium-chain fatty acids, which helps to lose excess fat. It also helps digestion, helps the health of the thyroid and enzymes systems operation. In addition, it is slowing the pancreas pressure, can speed up the body’s metabolism, thus eliminate the more energy, to help obese and overweight people lose weight.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of coconut oil

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