The nutritional value and effectiveness of of barley(Pearl barley)

1. Barley for containing a variety of vitamins and minerals can promote metabolism and reduce the burden of gastrointestinal function. Frail patients can be used for replenishing food;

2. Regular consumption of barley foods on chronic enteritis, dyspepsia embolism is also effective. Pearl barley can enhance renal function, and a heat diuretic effect, so have effect on the swelling patients;

3. By modern pharmacological studies have shown that barley has anti-cancer effect, and its anti-cancer active ingredients include selenium, can effectively inhibit cancer cell proliferation, can be used for gastric cancer, cervical cancer, adjuvant therapy;

4. Healthy people eat barley, nimble body can reduce the risk of cancer incidence;

5. Barley contains a certain amount of vitamin E, is a beauty of food, eat it regularly can keep the delicate skin luster and eliminate acne, pigmentation, improve skin tone, and it is caused by a viral infection for wart treatment and so have some effect;

6. Barley is rich in vitamin B, is very useful for prevention and treatment of beriberi.

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Article: The nutritional value and effectiveness of of barley(Pearl barley)

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