The main reason for formation of dandruff and how to prevent dandruff

Major factor in formation of dandruff and tips to prevent:

1. Scalp secrete too much oil: the important primary factor leading to dandruff Malassezia is a parasitic. This is a normal human skin bacterial parasite, with sebum-eating, over-proliferation can lead to dandruff, so people scalp oil more are more prone to dandruff.

2. Lack of sleep: Adequate sleep can promote the skin of normal metabolism, to try to avoid staying up late, the best in bed before 11 pm.

3. Spicy dietary, tobacco and alcohol unrestrained: spicy dietary, tobacco and alcohol unrestrained will affect the absorption of nutrients. Absorption of harmful substances and then affects the body metabolism. Therefore, to eat more vegetables, fruit, eat less fatty and high sugar foods.

4. Illness: When you’re feeling uncomfortable. Also prone to dandruff increased, such as gastrointestinal dysfunction, nutritional imbalance, endocrine disorders, often leads to many changes in the body hormone levels.

5. Excessive Cleaning: Some people think that dandruff occurs due to inadequate sanitation, which excessively wash hair, this is wrong. Excessive wash hair can cause hair dry, and will increase dandruff.

6. Spirit of tense and worried: social life pressure is too large, and rhythm too fast.

7. Shampoo allergy: Some people will find this phenomenon; use a shampoo will appear dandruff, and itching, and switch to another brand after this situation will be eased. At this time we should pay attention to the possibility of allergy shampoo. In addition, there are many hair products can also cause scalp contact dermatitis, such as hair dye, hair spray, mousse, etc.

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Article: The main reason for formation of dandruff and how to prevent dandruff

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