The lactation period should eat 8 kinds of food

What foods should eat more in the lactation period?

1, Water. Water is not food, but during lactation drink plenty of water is the precondition to ensure sufficient milk. Inadequate water easily lead to dehydration and energy shortage. In addition to white boiling water, no caffeine, no sugar drinks, chicken soup, broth, vegetable soup, fruit juice and vegetables all is replenishment of food.

2, Salmon. America registered dietitian Rachel Gbegoun said, salmon is one of the best sources of protein, rich in vitamin B12 and OMEGA -3 fatty acids. Many studies showed that, the fatty acids beneficial to the prevention of postpartum depression. In addition, eating salmon can also add a lot of women are lack of vitamin D.

3, Whole grain foods. Steamed Rice, bread, pasta, quinoa, shredded wheat and whole grain foods like oatmeal is an important source of B vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can enhance satiety, not only help postpartum weight loss, and good digestion, keep blood sugar stable.

4, Beef. Lactation mother of trace element zinc in greater demand, but the beef is one of the important food supplement of zinc. It is also rich in high quality protein, iron and vitamin B, which helps the body to maintain adequate energy.

5, Egg. The eggs are the meals and snacks in the most convenient and flexible selection. Eggs are rich in protein, choline, lutein, vitamin B12 and D, riboflavin and folic acid. Eat boiled eggs to get the most nutrients. The latest research shows that eating eggs will not lead to elevated cholesterol levels.

6, Green leafy vegetables. Gbegoun said that the green leafy vegetables nutritious low calorie. Which is rich in vitamin A, C, E, K and calcium and other trace elements, dietary fiber and antioxidants. Breastfeeding mothers should be at least a day to ensure a fresh green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables species selection, raw and cooked safe.

7, Beans. Gbegoun said, regardless of whether the tendency of nursing mothers vegetarian, garbanzo beans, soy beans are excellent sources of protein, dietary fiber, trace elements and plant chemicals.

8, Nuts and seeds. They are rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, and healthy monounsaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid. Dr. Melton said, almonds and other nuts can not only protect the heart health, anti-aging, good for skin health.

For lactating pregnant women, also need to pay attention to diet, after all experienced production of pain, body recovery is needed for a certain period of time, as soon as possible in order to restore the body, in the diet, we should be more careful, several above food should eat more.

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Article: The lactation period should eat 8 kinds of food


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