The impact of vitamins on baby immunity

Vitamins are one of the factors that babies can not lack, but vitamins can not make up for it either. What exactly is going on? Let’s see. Different vitamins have different special effects on the immune system.

Vitamin A: can enhance the skin, mucosal barrier function, but also can promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin, activation of lymphocyte function.

Vitamin B6: can promote lymphocyte proliferation, build the body’s internal defense system.

Vitamin C: can promote the formation of antibodies, improve phagocytosis of white blood cells, and can promote the virus nucleic acid core and protein shell separation, so as to achieve the role of antiviral. Childhood illness.

Vitamin E: has a strong antioxidant effect, maintaining the stability of the cell membrane, thus protecting the specific immune function from damage, and can enhance the phagocyte to destroy the vitality of bacteria.

Lack of vitamins on children – lack of vitamin B family can lead to angular cheilitis.

Angle chewing gum, commonly known as rotten mouth, is a common child’s disease, some parents think the child’s angular cheilitis is caused by the fire, in fact, not entirely. The majority of children’s angular cheilitis malnutrition angular cheilitis, is caused by nutritional deficiencies, among them caused by the lack of vitamin B group is the most common angular cheilitis.

Initially manifested as redness on the mouth, itching, followed by epithelial shedding, the formation of erosion, dipping or cracking, mouth cracking and bleeding, eating and talking and so are affected. Children dry lips, like to use tongue to lick it, the purpose is to make lips and mouth area moist, you can get a moment of comfort.

However, due to the saliva encountered dry air quickly evaporated, so not only can not solve the problem of drying, on the contrary the saliva microorganisms brought to the gap, can cause bacterial infections, increase the inflammation of the mouth.

At present, children with angular cheilitis are more, in the face of the current high season of angular cheilitis, should take the necessary measures to actively prevent.

First, to strengthen nutrition, pay attention to the balance of diet, not partial eclipse, not picky eaters, eat foods rich in B vitamins, such as animal liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, soy products, carrots, fresh green leafy vegetables, Vitamins are easily dissolved in water. Pay attention to prevent vitamin loss when cooking, rice should not be excessive panning, vegetable wash after cutting, cut the pot as soon as possible, when cooking can add some vinegar.

The second is to protect the facial skin, keep lips clean, pay attention to clean lips after eating. Dry lips, may wish to paint a little glycerin, ointment, to prevent the occurrence of dry crack. Be careful not to use the tongue to lick the lips, if the tongue to lick, saliva amylase, lysozyme residue at the corners of the mouth, the formation of a hypertonic environment, will lead to more local dry, resulting in erosion.

Once the children suffering from angular cheilitis, can be combined with vitamin B, the local can be coated with borax plus honey and mix thoroughly made drug paste.

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Article: The impact of vitamins on baby immunity


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