The general methods of treatment of hypertension

Hypertension is a common disease of cardiovascular system, a because in common, so there are often many people will ignore the treatment, delayed the recent period of treatment, the more and more serious illness. So if you get sick, we should timely treatment. Below lets us have a look at the general method for treating hypertension.

Treatment of hypertension in drug treatment at the same time is the need to cooperate with general treatment.Treatment generally involves the following:

1, The light low salt diet, which is particularly important in Asian populations, because according to the survey, the Asian population of hypertension in a large part are salt tendency, also is the salt and is a great relationshipbetween China and Vietnam, if eating more salty, salt, probability that change will be more hypertension. This not only for people with high blood pressure, but also the important measures for prevention of hypertension.

2, Quit smoking, less alcohol, smoke this thing in the long term, there is a hundred harm, there are a lot of vascularand harmful substances on the human body will produce bad effect, also can cause vascular sclerosis. Wine, is a good thing, but the long-term drinking, heavy drinking is harmful.

3, Movement, movement that hypertension is a very advantageous way, exercise can promote metabolism, and secondly, exercise can increase the flexibility of blood vessels, it is recommended daily aerobic exercise more than half an hour.

4, Eat more high calcium and high potassium foods. Since calcium ions and potassium ions are antagonized by sodium ions, and a major component of sodium ions is common salt among. Recommended to eat vegetables every day, in the recommended daily dietary least 400g or more vegetables. Milk of high calcium recommended 250ml or more per day.

Surely everyone for the have a certain idea of the above content. In fact, high blood pressure is due to hardening of the arteries, blood vessels elastic variation caused, which is a latent disease, the risk of a large, light produce dizziness, severe cases can cause a stroke, endangering our lives.

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Article: The general methods of treatment of hypertension


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