The efficacy and role of cherries – cherry nutritional value

In the summer, the cherry is a sweet and delicious, nutrient-rich fruits, loved by the masses. Efficacy and role of Cherry What? Here, we will share with you about the role and effectiveness of cherry.

1. Cherry has the effect of anti-anemia iron
Cherry which is rich in iron is the synthesis of human hemoglobin, myoglobin raw materials, regular consumption of cherries can promote hemoglobin regeneration, prevention of iron deficiency anemia, improve human immunity, promote protein synthesis and energy metabolism while also improving brain and nerve function and slow down the aging process.

2. Cherry has to improve human immunity to meet the human needs of a variety of vitamins, trace elements
Cherries are rich in sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, carotene, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other elements. Regular consumption of cherries can enhance human immunity, prevent colds.

3. Cherry with sweating detoxification, the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of measles
When measles epidemic, we can give children every day to drink cherry juice or eat cherries (pitted) can effectively prevent infection of measles disease.

4. The effectiveness of cherries has the spleen and stomach, removal of rheumatism
Because of warm cherry, both the power deficiency, can often eat cherries Qufengchushi can improve loss of appetite, indigestion, rheumatism, body pain and other symptoms

5. Cherry has beauty cosmetic effect
Because cherries nutritious, rich in trace elements and vitamins and other important nutrients to the body, often eat cherries can make rosy skin whitening, wrinkles Xiaoban, skincare.

6. Cherry efficacy has astringent pain, swelling, circulation, treatment of mild to severe frostbite

Cherry not saved, it is best placed in the refrigerator filled with plastic bags.
Cherry maturity in May, suggest that you enjoy.

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Article: The efficacy and role of cherries – cherry nutritional value

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